Senior Day at TIA

Senior Day is one of those special days at TIA. The current seniors from all four campuses meet together at Pima College, where TIA staff helps prepare the students for their senior year. The staff members explain how they will help each student get into college after graduation. The seniors learn what expectations and goals they should have for themselves. This helps prepare them to focus on achieving those goals. TIA staff members let the students know that they will be there to help the students not only through their senior year but also when they are in college.

Advice From Their Peers

TIA invites previous graduates to come to this meeting to share what it was like for them in college and what challenges they faced in their first year. The alumni answer any questions the current seniors may have. They share their own goals, where they are now in this process and share their advice about what they’ve learned along the way. When this information is coming from their own peers, it tends to have a bigger impact on the students than hearing it from parents or staff.

Senior Evening Session

In the evening, TIA staff invites the parents of the current seniors to come and participate in this event. This helps the parents know what to expect for the upcoming year and also what help TIA is offering to make sure each student gets into college. The parents can ask questions and be on the same page with their child, which will help the year go smoothly for all involved.

We Make College Happen

“The world is their oyster. The students can get into almost any college, all over the world,” says Dr. J Getting the students into college is a team effort, between the students, TIA staff and the parents. TIA understands that it is very difficult to do this alone, so they are providing the help that every senior needs to make sure college happens for all of the students. Help can come from many different areas, including extended family members and the colleges themselves via financial aid. The staff members at TIA may have to spend extra time helping students, even while they’re in college, but the return for these efforts is well worth it. The alumni students come back to TIA with thanks for helping them succeed. These students become productive members of their community, which is a win for everyone involved. TIA is a team that surrounds the students and helps them see that college is a reality for everyone, and that hey will be supported throughout that process.

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