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Tucson International Academy (also known as the Main Campus) is a K-12 school dedicated to helping your child succeed! We believe every child is born to learn and would love to meet you and your child.

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Meet Our Principal

Principal Valerie Enriquez

How Principal Valerie Enriquez Broke the Trend

Have you ever wondered how your family dynamics affect your future? It used to be that financial status or even ethnicity were large contributors to what future opportunities a person could have. Now, according to a New York Times article, marriage is one of the greatest factors. The article reveals that when it comes to children born and raised in single-parent families, “a large body of research shows that they are more likely than similar children with married parents to experience childhood poverty, act up in class, become teenage parents and drop out of school.” Fortunately for all of our kids at TIA’s campuses, Principal Valerie Enriquez is a tremendous example of someone who has broken that trend. She shows her students that they are the ones who can determine their own destiny and not become a statistic.

Ms. Enriquez’s Childhood

Ms. Enriquez was fortunate to have a gem of a mother who, although a single mom, challenged her to break the family pattern and plan her own future. “I cooked, I cleaned, I got my sister ready for school and even though my mom worked two jobs she always tried to keep me on the right track to pursue my dreams,” Ms. Enriquez.

According to Child Trends, a nonprofit research center that studies children at all stages of development, 41 percent of births in the U.S. occur outside of marriage, yet only 10 percent of these births occur among people who have a college education. While 60 percent of unwed births come from persons without a college education. What that means, according to the data, is Principal Enriquez was more likely not to go to college. She was also six times more likely to become a single parent herself and repeat the trend with her own kids because she was being raised in a single-parent home!

You Determine Your Destiny

Even though all that sounds like a vicious cycle, Valerie, who had all of these challenges against her still broke the cycle. How? She believed that you determine your destiny. As a result, she became the only person in her family to go to college. If there was a goal, she aimed for it and hit it with pinpoint accuracy. She wanted to be a teacher, which she had accomplished at only 21 years of age. In fact, on her 21st birthday, she didn’t go out and celebrate the typical right of passage into adulthood (party and get wasted) but stayed home and graded papers!

Ms. Enriquez did have a lot of inspiration. Everyone in her family was involved in education. Her mom was an administrator. Her aunts and even her grandmother were lunch ladies. This inspiration was not enough though. Ms. Enriquez needed to have a passion to change her destiny. She always tells her students, “Don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams.” Nothing got in the way of her goals, for after she reached her goal to be a teacher, she aimed for being a principal. Under the guidance of Principal Montemayor, she opened the Midvale campus as their first principal.

“Li’l but Feisty”

There’s a reason that Ms. Enriquez’s nickname is “Li’l but Feisty.” She fights for her goals and so far she has hit every one of them. Now, her goal is to have her K-12 students excel, pass the AIMS test, and eventually go to college. When her students say, “We can’t pass the AIMS,” her reply will be, “Yes you can; you ARE going to pass the AIMS.”

Meet Our Staff and Teachers

Jocelyn Manzanarez (Ms. Jocelyn)

Music Teacher

As a music specialist, I am honored to provide children at Tucson International Academy the opportunity to experience all of the benefits music education offers.  I received my BA from the University of Montana in Music Education and MA in Music Education from the University of Washington. I hold a certification as a k-12 certified music educator. 

The unique piece about teaching music at TIA is that the classes are virtual and I am teaching from my office in Seattle, Washington! In our weekly musical classes we play instruments, sing, dance and most of all have fun learning through music. I feel so lucky to be a part of this amazing community of learners.

Rubina Herrera (Ms. Ruby)

Spanish Teacher

I am from Tucson, AZ, and am teaching at TIA East as the 5th – 6th-grade teacher. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. I love going on adventures and am a huge animal lover. Before going to college, I attended TIA Broadway from Grades K-4, then I graduated from TIA West campus. I have always loved kids and helping them. Teaching is one of my passions and I am so excited to get to know everyone. I believe that all classrooms should be a safe environment where students feel free to talk about certain appropriate topics with one another and to have fun while learning. I expect that my students and parents will be involved throughout the academic year and to participate in activities I will provide. Although COVID is here, I do plan on making this year a really fun time for my students to enjoy.


Rosanna Permijo (Ms. Ross)

High School ELA & History

As individuals, I believe that we learn from experiences that shape who we are. I am Ms.Rosanna P. Permijo, 27 years old, and you can call me Ross. As an educator, education has always been my top priority because my parents always stressed the importance of obtaining an education because they had missed out on that opportunity. They emphasized the importance of education in achieving life success. That was by far the most important lesson I learned when I was in college. I was a working student-athlete during my college days, and I received a full-ride athletic scholarship from my school and my sponsor. When I stepped into college, I promised myself that I would not waste time or opportunity to graduate because my success was determined by people who helped, supported, believed, and trusted in my ability to graduate, despite the obstacles that I faced in life. I struggled at first to balance everything: my training schedule, my job as a salesperson at the mall, and traveling between classes. But I imprinted on my mind and heart that I had scholarship responsibilities and that I needed to demonstrate that my focus was not only on sports or extracurriculars but also on my studies. In addition to this, one of my hopes back then was that I would be with my parents and take them on stage to dedicate my honor to them and to all those who helped and supported me, as well as to those who doubted my ability to become an educator.

In March 2013, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and immediately enrolled in another degree course in Education. I graduated from Maryhill College, Inc. in March 2017 with a Bachelor of Secondary Education degree in ValuesEducation and was immediately hired at a Catholic private school. I’ve been teaching for over six years, with the majority of my time spent in high school. Following that, I completed my academic requirements for the Master of Arts with a major in Religious Education from St. Paul University Manila in May 2020, believing that teachers should be life-long learners.

As one of my favorite verses in Proverbs 16:3 says: “Trust in the Lord in all things, and he will establish your plans.” So, by the grace of God, I graduated from school full of effort, gratitude, perseverance, and dreams.

This year, under the guidance and mentorship of Mr. Philip O. Trejo and my co-teachers, I look forward to making a difference in the lives of the students I meet along the way, believing that every child deserves the best education possible. Because then, I can consider myself a successful teacher if my students reach their full potential. So my goal is to combine my experience with my ability to be a compassionate, cheerful, and passionate teacher who will positively contribute to TIA.

Adelaine Alicante (Ms. Ade)

High School Science & Math

I believe that education is one of the most important things we can give our children. As a teacher, it would be my privilege to help shape young minds and prepare them for success in life. I am Ms. Adelaine Alicantea licensed professional teacherI am a proud scholar graduate with Latin honors from Cebu Normal University with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education majoring in Biological Sciences. l’ve had the opportunity to teach and learn a lot from the students. I discovered that every child is special and they all learn in different ways. In order for me to effectively deliver the lessons, I address this by utilizing differentiated instructions and a variety of learning activities that would best suit their learning style. 

Being a teacher also gives me the opportunity to have an impact on the young people who are the future. I would most like to have a significant impact on my students’ lives by encouraging them to dream big and believe in themselves. It would be great to instill in them the desire to live up to their potential, no matter what their background or circumstances, and encourage them to envision a bigger and brighter future than they could ever imagine for themselves. I want to influence my students to be well-rounded individuals who will make a positive contribution to society.

April Reidy (Ms. April)

Special Ed

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska as an Air Force brat but, I moved to Tucson when I was 13 years old. I have an MA in special education and a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis, all from U of A. My husband is from New Zealand, so we do a lot of traveling. My son is in the Navy stationed in Japan and My daughter is a sophomore in high school. When not working, I am playing with my three big fuzzy fur babies or drinking Starbucks.


Ms. April’s Special Service Therapy Dog

“Ripley” is a seven-year-old golden retriever. She has been working in public schools for the last five years. Ripley has been trained both as a service animal and a therapy animal. When she is not in school she visits friends in hospice care. She really enjoys running, playing, and especially swimming with her other two fuzzy sisters at home.

Xiuqing Sun (Ms. Sun)

Chinese Teacher - All Grades & Campuses

I went to China Communication University and have a degree in Media Management. In China, I taught Chinese to foreigners before I moved to the U.S. I’ve been teaching Chinese at TIA since 2012. I have traveled to Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, and around the U.S. I cannot give a direct translation, but my favorite quote is something like this; “If I walk with two other people, I can learn from at least one of them.” It shows humility and the willingness to learn from different people, regardless of their age, background, or beliefs.

Jennifer Tibayan (Ms. Jenn)

Teacher – Grades 6, 7 Science, English, Math & Social Studies

It’s been my childhood dream to be a teacher. I’ve always wanted to be a part of things that promote greater causes and meaning. I just felt like being part of the educational institution would help me live a life of more significance because education is about connecting and learning with other people. True enough, being a teacher has changed my life, and I love every experience it brings. I have a Master’s degree in Educational Management, and I taught elementary and middle school classes for 5 years in one of the international schools in the Philippines. I also had a 2-year teaching experience at a university. I handled professional education courses for the pre-service teachers.

I firmly believe that every student has a great potential to succeed. We just need to be effective instruments so they can also discover and hone their skills and talents. I am looking forward to a remarkable academic year with the TIA family. I am excited to learn and have fun with all the students.

Mithel D. Saladaga (Ms. Myte)

Teacher – Grades 3, 4 & 5

I knew that I wanted to be a teacher from an early age. I was inspired by my elementary teachers who wholeheartedly gave their all just for us to learn. From then on, I promised myself that I would be someone who would advocate for the welfare of every student that I meet.

I am Mithel D. Saladaga, a licensed professional teacher from the Philippines. I am a proud working student scholar who graduated with a Latin honor at Central Philippine Adventist College with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education – Generalist. I also have completed a one year course within the Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology at Bukidnon State University. Right after graduation, I was hired by my alma mater to become one of their faculty. I am fortunate to have worked with many seasoned professors who inspired and pushed me to become the best version of myself. Within a span of five years, I taught elementary, middle school, and college classes in the same institution that had equipped me professionally. I am passionate about teaching all subjects in all grade levels, and I enjoy incorporating technology into my classes.

I believe that understanding students’ learning styles is one of the most important things in teaching and learning because when students are comfortable, they learn the best. Molding young minds to become better versions of themselves is greatly fulfilling for me. It brings me joy and happiness to see every child grow and mature in all aspects of life under my care, and what is much more rewarding is seeing them succeed in any endeavor they pursue in the future.

Teaching in such a diverse culture as TIA, which also puts an emphasis on relationships and not just academic excellence, is an opportunity for me to influence and inspire children from many different walks of life. Let’s make this school year fun and memorable. Blessings!

Karla Cash (Ms. Cash)

Teacher – Grades K, 1, 2

As an educator, my top priority is the best way to communicate the new concepts your student will learn. I was born in Nogales, Sonora Mexico and immigrated to the United States when I was 7. I am very proud of being Mexican and equally proud of living in this great country. Teaching is something I have always wanted to do, for me it is not only a profession but a passion. I have taught for 20 years, 10 of which I taught Kindergarten in Euless, Texas. When I moved to Tucson, I found a dynamic school Tucson International Academy, which not only had high academic standards but a rich sense of community. Academically, I started at Northern Arizona University but completed my degree online. I taught Kindergarten for 10 years at Metroplex Academy, from 1997 – 2007. When I learned that my youngest son had autism in 2009, I moved to Tucson, Arizona. I taught at Tucson International Academy West for 11 years, teaching Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Thank you for entrusting me with your students.

Average Teacher Salary

  • Average Teacher Salary FY24: $31,888.89
  • Average Teacher Salary FY23: $44,307.69
  • Average Decrease: $12,418.80
  • Percentage Decrease: 28.02%