Sports give kids the opportunity to discover their talents, find friends, and learn how to work together toward a common goal.

We select sports based on interest, and are always thrilled to have enough interest to add a sport to our growing list. Below is a list of the sports we currently offer to students. 

  • Bowling
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • Girls Soccer
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Boys Volleyball

We need parents!

At TIA, we are always looking for parents to help coach or assist with a variety of tasks so our students can be successful and have fun. If you have experience coaching, or are interested in helping, please reach out to your school’s front desk!

Sports Schedule

Sports vary by campus and season. Most sports meet Monday-Friday until 4:00pm. Students are encouraged to see the Front Office to find out which sports are active and their meeting details.