Clubs give kids the opportunity to discover their talents, find friends, and learn more about who the want to become.

We offer several clubs on each campus and are always thrilled to help a student start a new club. Below is a list of our current clubs.

  • Bible Club
  • Youth Group
  • Computer Club
  • Movie Club
  • Sports Club
  • Chinese Club
  • Girl Scouts
  • Spanish Club
  • Cheerleading
  • Basketball
  • Business Club

We need parents!

At TIA, clubs and sports are in the same category, as most of our sports are run as clubs. We are always looking for parents to help lead these clubs so if you have any experience with a sport or are talented in a particular hobby or subject, please reach out to your school’s front desk!

Clubs Schedule

Clubs vary by campus and season. Most clubs meet Monday-Friday until 4:00pm. Students are encouraged to see the Front Office to find out which clubs are active and their meeting details.