TIA Student Gets A Book Published

TIA’s own 4th-grade student Waylee Minter gets her book published, The Lion Without a Roar. Mama and Papa Goose and their company Paidion Publishing sponsored a contest for young writers and Waylee was the winner, which resulted in her very own published book.

Dr. Jennifer Herrera

"It's really important that we acknowledge the giftings of our students. They are going to be taking who they are into the world and taking care of the rest of us. What we like to do at TIA is to look for the specific talent of each individual student and develop it to the maximum that we can. With the help of Mama and Papa Goose and their company Paidion Publishing, we were able to have one of our 4th grade TIA students Waylee Minter, be our first-time published author. It's very important that we do this. Becoming an author at a young age, think about what she will do next! What will her next accomplishment be? It was very exciting to see that they were able to acknowledge this young lady. To see it come all the way to a book is a wonderful thing! And it has a coloring book inside too."

Principal Valerie Enriquez

"We want to be able to show the kids that anything is possible. When they put something down on paper, the really see the end goal. If reading is their passion and they want to become a book author, firstly they need to really look at that end goal. Secondly, they need to apply that in the classroom. As an example, Waylee wanted to be a book author and was able to get her book published. Today she had the chance to read her newly published book to our school. Afterward, we had a little celebration in honor of that."

Mama Goose

"It is so important for our children to become life long learners. We want them to be smart and intelligent. In addition, we want them to be benefactors to our society. "

Waylee Minter

"My book is about a lion cub who overcomes his fears and he finds his inner hero."

Papa Goose

"We wanted to team up with a school system that was willing to commit to their students. TIA is that school. As a result, no matter where their students come from, they help them all graduate and get admitted to college."

Final words from Dr. J

In other words, we are really extremely grateful to Paidion Publishing for bringing this contest to TIA and publishing our student's book." Watch video here  

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TIA Student Gets A Book Published

Mama and Papa Goose – Love of Reading Month Event

During our Love of Reading Month, the husband and wife team of Mama and Papa Goose, book authors and publishers, came from Houston, Texas, to Tucson to help inspire and motivate the students at TIA to be avid readers. Avid Readers Translates to Avid Learners Mama and Papa Goose, both first-generation college graduates, refer to themselves as the “Literacy Parents of the World for Children.” They would like to inspire children to become avid readers in their formative years which then translates to avid learners throughout their lives. Their events target children who are reluctant readers. Then they get them excited about reading books by sharing Mama Goose stories, which are books that kids can imagine themselves in. They are fantasy and fiction books such as Ka’Myrah: The Mermaid Princess, Sammy Please Behave, Chocolate City and Daddy Dinosaur. Bringing Stories to Life When authors share their books with others, they can bring to life the stories they’ve created. This captures the kids’ attention and makes it very entertaining. Mama Goose feels that being able to share her books this way brings a special message to the children. She encourages the students to read as many books as they can and to write their own stories, too. Mama Goose - Book Concert at TIA Mama Goose came dressed in a costume as a character in one of her books. She gathered the younger TIA students for a “book concert” where she read her books out loud to the kids and sang songs that go with the stories. She also asked questions and engaged them in multiple ways to help foster the love of reading and writing. Papa Goose - How to Get All A’s at TIA Papa Goose, who was also dressed as a fictional character, spoke to the older students about how to get A’s all through school and college. He shared seven steps to follow to help remember information better, and how much time they should invest in studying to maximize their study time. He shared strategies to accelerate their reading based on memory science, which explains how to engage the brain to remember various types of information easier.  

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