The Benefits of Attending a Small school

Priscilla Valdez - Senior at Tucson International Academy

How did all of this go by so quickly? I still remember my first day here at Tucson International Academy. It was a bitter sweet feeling. I knew I would do a lot better here but I didn't like the idea of moving to a small school. Being the new girl wasn't hard at all as everyone welcomed me with a warm smile and a kind heart. The minute I walked in that door everyone was nice to me and made me realize a small school isn't so bad. I understand a big school is a lot more fun but honestly at the end all that fun doesn't really matter. What matters is all the dedication you put into your studies. I would rather be in a small school and have good grades, than being in a big school not doing my work and having fun. TIA will help with your studies and a lot more. This is a community that helps each other in the good and in the bad. Each classroom is like a family, they're all united and help each other be successful.

How TIA Prepared Priscilla for Life

Something else I also enjoyed was that TIA prepares you to go to college and pushes you to accomplish all your goals. I would really encourage you to give TIA a chance and you'll see that you will never regret it. You will also see your grades improve and your behavior will also change.

What Priscilla is Thankful For

First and foremost, I would like to thank God for molding me into the person I have become and for never giving me more than what I cannot handle. Next, I would like to thank my mother, for always believing in me, pushing me to strive for the best in everything, and for sticking with me through my toughest moments. Although this upcoming person has never been here for me, I would also like to thank my father. By him not being involved in my life has made me strong and has taught me to be an independent woman. I thank my grandmother for always being by my side when I need her and for raising me since I was two years old. Even though he's always pushing my buttons to the limit I know he does it because he cares and wants me to do better, my principal, Mr. Montemayor, has always believed in me and pushed me to do better. He's always there to listen to me when I most need it and whenever I need something I know he has a shoulder I can lean on. I would also like to thank my aunt Lupita for always being there for me at my toughest moments. Sadly at the moment she’s incarcerated and she can't be here with me. I know that she's with me in my heart. These past 7 months she has been my motivation to keep doing good in school. Finally I have one very special man I am grateful for and his name is Gilberto Ventura. These past years I have built an amazing relationship with Gilberto and I appreciate him allowing me to vent, and for giving me a hug when I need it most. Him walking by my side every step of the way has motivated me to keep going forward and doing better in life together. We have made each others days shine when we most have needed each other. Written by Priscilla Valdez, graduating Senior at TIA, 2015 [gallery size="full" columns="2" ids="1204,1206,1205,1203"]
benefits of attending a small school

100% of TIA Seniors are College Bound!

Just let that sink in for a moment … 100% of Tucson International Academy high school graduates have been accepted to a university level education. Wait. WHAT? Every single high school senior graduating from TIA is college bound? Yes! But hold on, there’s more! In every known case, these students are the first generation in their family to attend college! How is that even possible? It’s in the Air! It is possible because of the atmosphere that permeates every hallway, every classroom, every event, every activity, and every field trip at TIA. It’s possible because TIA has teachers and administrators dedicated to helping every student to overcome any and every challenge hindering them from being college bound after high school. No exceptions. Custom Designed Plans for Each Student Although the seeds to be college bound get planted early for even the youngest TIA students, the wheels really start turning their sophomore year of high school. An individualized plan is mapped out based on each student’s academic position, strengths and weaknesses, interests, and goals for the future. Just as no two students are exactly alike, no two student plans are alike. Yet each student has a plan that insures graduating on time and having all tests necessary for college acceptance completed by the end of their junior year. Amazing, Dedicated Staff The students also begin the college application process at end of their junior year. Starting then and continuing into their senior year in high school, these students are supported by a group of dedicated teachers and administrators who literally walk each individual student through the sometimes complicated process. Students and their advisor meet on a weekly basis to navigate completion of applications, entrance essays, and responses to inquiries from other colleges. They are also given guidance as they investigate scholarship opportunities, and fine tune their career goals. Going the Extra Mile - Literally! Additionally, Tucson International Academy literally goes the extra mile in helping college bound students. They plan and orchestrate field trips for juniors and seniors to visit to all the Arizona university campuses plus a couple campuses in California. This gives the students an introduction to what college life looks like and also provides them the ability to create a vision in their minds of what their lives could be. Every single high school senior graduating from TIA is college bound? Yes! And it’s very much TIA’s intention to continue with this amazing track record! Interested in a school that can declare 100% of their students are college bound? Enroll Online Now!
College bound TIASeniors