TIA Record-Breaking Walking on Glass Event

World-renowned motivational speaker and Mastery Coach David Fabricius broke his own record for walking on glass (and running). His new record is now 1,122 yards in 15:38  which was a total of 34 laps. This event was held on July 27th, 2019 as a fundraiser put on by Tucson International Academy (TIA) charter school. This was the first time David walked or ran on broken glass blindfolded. Normally when he walks on glass he has to do it very slow but in order to set a new world record, he had to run on the glass at times. David set his mind and heart to this task so he could be an example of how to live his best self. 

Why Did TIA Do This Event Record-Breaking Walking on Glass?

Dr. J says, “The reason we are here talking about breaking records is that many times people say “Oh, I can’t. They don’t have enough faith or confidence in themselves to take some risks and really achieve their big goals. So by doing a few crazy things, like walking or running on glass, the hope is we can say Hey if someone can run and walk on glass in that amount of time blindfolded, then how much more can you do in your personal life? It is possible to do much, much more than any of us think we can do.”

David Fabricius

“Have faith in yourself and in your God-given talents. Have faith in your team because, without the support of the crowd or the TIA team, I could not do this today. It’s all about having belief in yourself. If you want to be extra-ordinary in life, always do something extra! I only wanted to do 1000 yards but after 1000 yards, I decided to go a little bit more. I wanted to make the point that if you want to be an extraordinary person, you have to always do something extra!”   Before making this world breaking event, Mr. Fabricius was one of the guest speakers at the 30-60-90 Day Plan seminar. He shared his views about positive habits and how they will change the way you perform in life. Click here to watch the video on TIA's YouTube Channel  

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TIA Record-Breaking Walking on Glass Event