2019 College and Career Fair

TIA held it’s twelfth annual 2019 College and Career Fair. This event included booths from 35 local businesses who's representatives shared with the curious students what it takes to work in their industries. For the afternoon session, students were able to visit 10- 15 different booths with representatives from Arizona colleges.

Speakers at the 2019 College and Career Fair

Guest keynote speakers at the morning opening event were Steven C. Shell - architect & musician and Jonathan Rothschild - Tucson Mayor.  The guest speakers were there to inspire and ignite the student's passions and help them pursue their dreams.

Architect and Musician Steven C. Shell

Mr. Shell said, “I hope that you will discover that your passions and desires are one and the same. Passions can lead to your dreams. You don’t have to give up one for the other. Passion will fuel your disciplines, which will then fulfill your dream. So with the proper inspiration, motivation, discipline, and hard work, you actually can have it all.”

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild

Mayor Rothschild said, “It’s great that Tucson International does a College and Career Fair every year. The school has such a great reputation for getting young people through high school and onto their next step. You do that by having a career and college fairs like this. I just really want to congratulate the Academy for putting on this event in such an organized fashion. The payoff is seeing those kids get their high school diploma and going on to college.”

TIA Principal Miguel Montemayor

Mr. Montemayor said, “We have a lot of businesses that come out every year to help our students decide what career they are more interested in. This helps them form an idea of what career they want. In the afternoon we have 15-20 different colleges and volunteer opportunities for our students. This helps them connect the dots where they choose a career in the morning and then talk with the colleges of their choice in the afternoon. TIA is committed to getting every graduating senior into a college or university. By choosing their career and getting more informed about that career, then tying it down in the afternoon with a college or university that they can attend to study for that career.”

TIA School Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Herrera

Dr. J said to the TIA students, “We are very proud of you! We believe in you and know that you will have an outstanding future. We are here to support you.”     Link to video on TIA's YouTube Channel  

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2019 College Career Fair