TIA Students Find Bowling League to be Right Up Their Alley!

Tucson International Academy’s participation in a bowling league this year that has been extremely fun and successful. Especially designed for middle school students who aren’t eligible for high school sport teams yet, the Youth Bowling League has been a huge hit! And let’s face it, a sport that’s done in an air conditioned bowling alley, rather than outside in Tucson’s 112-degree heat, sounds downright appealing! Beginning last fall, students from TIA’s West Campus teamed up with Tucson’s Cactus Bowl to participate in the youth bowling program. Initially, seven students joined the league, but after hearing how much fun it was, four more students joined for the spring season, bringing the TIA’s Bobcat Bowling team to eleven players.

Instructions with Trained and Certified Bowling Coaches

The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys and girls practice on Wednesdays and bowl 3 league games every Saturday. The students are given instruction by trained, certified bowling coaches every week. Bowling was a brand new activity for many of the students, but through excellent coaching and weekly practice, even novice players have vastly improved their games.

Students and Parents Dedicated and Consistent

Arlene Canez, TIA’s sponsor of the Bobcat Bowling team, shared that the students have been amazingly dedicated and consistent with attending the hour-long weekly practices and participating in the Saturday league games. The parents have been very supportive and helpful transporting the students to practice and games. According to Arlene, they just participated in the city tournament, competing with other teams in their age and skill brackets. Bobcat Bowlers placed in the top 10! They also have qualified for, and will compete in, the state tournament to be held in April--which is amazing for first time bowlers. Through the league, the kids have been provided high-quality bowling shirts with their names embroidered on the back. Adult bowling leagues have also donated shoes and bowling balls. They will even redrill the holes in the balls to fit the kids’ fingers.

Bowling Improved Math and Team Building Skills

Arlene stated that not only have the kids improved in their bowling skills, but they have also improved their team building skills and peer support. Witnessing this has been delightful! The team members hold each other accountable in the classroom as well, since only students with a C or better average and good behavior are eligible to participate. As an added bonus, Arlene noted that the kids’ math skills are improving as they learn how to score the games! The cost of the program is $11 weekly; $3 for the one hour of practice each Wednesday and $8 for the 3 league games on Saturday. These costs include all equipment, shirts, and lane fees.

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