Junior Senior Day

Junior Senior Day was created a few years ago at TIA to inform high school students and their parents about the upcoming big changes that are ahead for them regarding the preparations  and transitions from high school to college. This day was designed to help students and parents in many areas:
  • To make sure they know about college assessment test dates and costs
  • To know which college assessment tests they need for the state or university they wish to attend
  • How to write a resume
  • How to write a proper letter to the college describing themselves, and to adjust it for each college they apply to
  • How to apply for scholarships, and the need to apply for different ones; guidelines where to apply, dates they need to apply by, etc.
  • How to be careful of scholarship scams
  • High school transcripts and what to do with them
  • How they can get dual credits from local colleges while in high school
  • Tutoring help
  • Title 1 help
  • Attending “Saturday” school to make sure they graduate on time with the proper credits to go on to a college
  • Help arrange for fieldtrips to local or out of state colleges
  • Help with other events such as Close Up field trips
  • Inform them of the dates and costs of upcoming events such as the Cotillion and Graduation

Dual Credits

Previously TIA worked with Pima College so that students could get dual credits while still in high school. Now they are working in tandem with GCU - Grand Canyon University as it is easier to transfer university credits to other universities.

College Tours

TIA asks for input about where each student would like to go to college and tries to organize a tour of that college for the student. Then they will help the student navigate the process to apply and get accepted. One student this year is interested in attending Stanford University. TIA is making the arrangements to visit that college with that student.

Close Up

This program is designed to give students an inside look at democracy at work in action. In addition to their one-of-a-kind Washington High School Program, they customize trips for groups from around the country. These are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each group. Last year’s Close Up event was in Washington to learn how other nations work together with the U.S. This year the event is in Hawaii.  

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