TIA Targets AZM2 Testing in Tucson AZ

February can be a tough month. It can be groundhogs dashing hopes for an early spring, horrible snowstorms, and no more football. But February in Tucson means gorgeous, enviable weather, Rodeo Days, and AZM2 testing. Why is AZM2 testing on the list of good things happening in Tucson in February? Because TIA targets AZM2 testing in Tucson AZ. This is just another chance for our students to shine. AZM2 is a standardized assessment in the content areas of writing, reading, and mathematics. The AZM2 tests are administered over a four- week span every March all over the state of Arizona. The Arizona Department of Education describes the 4 levels of performance on the AZM2 tests as follows:

Minimally Proficient

Students who score at this level may have significant gaps and limited knowledge and skills that are necessary to satisfactorily meet the state’s standards. Students will usually require a considerable amount of additional instruction and remediation in order to achieve a satisfactory level of understanding.

Partially Proficient

Students who score in this level show a partial understanding of the knowledge and application of the skills that are fundamental for proficient work. Students who approach the standard possess some understanding and skills necessary to begin working on the content required of the student who meets the standards. Due to incomplete understanding, additional instruction and remediation may be necessary in order to achieve a satisfactory level of achievement.


Students who score in this level demonstrate a solid academic performance on the subject matter as reflected by the standards. Students who perform at this level are prepared to begin work on materials that may be required for the next grade level. Attainment of at least this level is the goal for all students.

Highly Proficient

Students who score in this level illustrate a superior academic performance as evidenced by achievement that is substantially beyond the goal for all students. Students who exceed the standard have demonstrated exceptional and exemplary attainment of knowledge and skills. This year’s sophomore class will be the last one to take the AZM2 test. TIA administrators and teachers make adjustments to their curriculum to prepare students for the test. For more information about AZM2 testing, click here to see the full guidelines provided by the Arizona Department of Education.

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