Welcome Back to School

Important Dates You Need to Know!

Zoom with your teacher - Monday, August 3rd 4:00 pm - Check your email for a link. First Day of School - Wednesday, August 5th (online) First Day of School in class - More info to follow

Frequently Asked Questions

Will TIA Offer Online School This Year? Yes, we will be using weekly homework packets, Khan Academy, and each teacher will have a Facebook group for discussion. In addition, TIA teachers will also be having in-person zoom classes. The teachers will offer zoom tutoring, in-person tutoring, and two-way communication folders so teachers and parents can communicate with each other.

Can TIA Provide Any Electronic Devices to do Online Classes?

TIA Broadway will have devices to borrow for the year. Please contact the school if you need help with this.

Important Dates:

Online School starts August 5, 2020, for ALL STUDENTS More info to follow when In-person Classes start 

For In-person Classes, What Precautions Will TIA Be Taking? 

We will have daily temperature checks, asking basic questions about each child’s general health, and looking for visual cues of illness, such as a cough, or other signs.

Will TIA Offer Tutoring? 

Yes! Each student will need to make an appointment first. This will be for one-on-one tutoring. As weather permits, tutoring will be held outside. During tutoring seasons, students may use TIA laptops and school wifi.

TIA is Offering 3 Different Options for School This Year

1) 100% online  2) 100% in person unless AZ government-mandated “stay at home order”  3) Combination of students in classes and students doing school online with a consistent schedule. For example, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm in person AND 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm are online.

Will Students Be Required to Wear Masks on Campus?

Yes. The directive of Tucson Mayor Regina, masks are required at this time. Parents will need to provide masks for students or TIA schools will some available for purchase when in stock.

Will TIA Have Before and After School Care?

Yes.  Hours for before and aftercare are 7:00 am - 8:00 am; 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm (5:30 pm at some schools). The fee is $125 per quarter. 

Will TIA Campuses be Serving Breakfast and Lunch?

Yes. We have the NSLP program. Meals are pre-boxed, grab-n-go style.  Students will eat them outside at the schools.

Are Uniforms Still Required at TIA Campuses? 

Yes! Uniforms must be worn when attending classes in person at any TIA campus and also while attending online in person ZOOM meetings. More information about TIA uniforms is in the student handbook guidelines.        

If Your Household Needs Affordable Home Internet

If you do NOT currently have COX and have kids from 5 to 17 in school, here is a special internet provider deal for you. It's free for the first 2 months starting July 21st and lasting until sometime in September. It is called connect2compete. Click this link for more info.  

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