Do You Know How Field Trips Boost Your Kids Success?

Your child’s educational experience is a unique one, different from yours, and different from thousands of other students across the country. One student activity that contributes to this individual experience is the classic school field trip. Getting on the bus and having a fun and educational day off with their friends, visiting nearby museums, parks, zoos, and historical sites is something kids look forward to year after year. This activity is not just a “day off” from school. Educators agree on the importance of real-world learning in the student experience. Going on these trips helps students see the connection between what they are learning in school and the world around them. This real-world learning has a big impact on their intellectual development and their entire future.

Student Success By the Numbers

A recent study conducted by the U.S. Travel Association compared 200 adults who had taken an educational trip as a child with 200 who had not. The income, race, age, and gender demographics of participants was well-balanced. The study found:
  •     59% of students who have taken educational trips had better grades
  •     95% higher high school graduation rate among students who had gone on trips
  •     63% higher college graduation rate among students who had gone on field trips
  •     12% higher annual income than students who had not taken educational trips
Eighty-nine percent of the participants in the study who went on field trips felt that they made school more interesting and kept them more engaged and eager to learn, having a lasting impact on their entire life.

Family Field Trips

Educational field trips don’t have to fit the traditional mold of all the students going to the local zoo together with brown bag lunches and teacher chaperones. Although those trips are fun and beneficial, children can get just as much out of a learning trip with the family. Family vacations are great, but they can sometimes be a bit too much for the family budget. Consider these educational and inexpensive day trips in your local area you can take with the kids.

State and National Parks

These parks are often free to the public, although some charge a minimal fee. They offer nature trails and outdoor activities that kids love, like Saguaro National Park. Some also have campsites available, if you are looking for an overnight trip idea.


Here is a list of some of the Tucson museums and galleries that you and your child may enjoy visiting.

Historical Sites

We live in a country that is a melting pot of cultural history. There are historical sites in every state, where you can teach your children about the great land that we live in. Be sure to see that your child is getting the full educational experience, including small learning trips. It will benefit them throughout their education and their entire life. If these trips are not in the budget for your school, make them family events that encourage learning as well as family bonding.  

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