Facing Dragons at TIA

One hundred and fifty high school students and their teachers from TIA attended the annual two day Facing Dragons event led by life coach Brodie Whitney.

What is Facing Dragons About?

Facing Dragons is about transforming fears, challenges, stress and problems into available energy and power. The students attend the event to find their vision and purpose for their life and learn a new mindset. The goal is to help the students separate themselves from all the noise, distractions, stresses, judgements and violence that they face each day. In order to give them some perspective on why all that happens and how it can actually help them grow. They find out who they really are, what they really want, why they are really here - to wake them up enough so that when they walk out the door, they will take these tools with them and continue to use them for the rest of their lives.

What Others Had to Say About the Facing Dragons Event

Lynette Rodriguez – “Coach Brodie is a great leader and I feel like he has opened my eyes to believe in myself, to be more confident and be able to talk to people so that I can succeed in life.” Dr J. - “We are excited to have Coach Brodie here with us again. He has come here to really work on the mindset because our goal here at TIA is to provide the opportunity for the kids to go to college. So to go to college, they need academics, financing and they also need a mindset that is going to help them be successful in college. That is what we are working on today. The mindset takes a little bit of digging. You have to first find out why do I feel bad about myself in this area? Why am I not able to turn in an assignment? Why don’t I finish things on time? And if they can get a hold of that at this point in their life, as they get older, it will just get easier to hit that report deadline, turn in that qualifying document for their job and to succeed in all that they dream to do. So we are really excited to have this mindset portion be available to TIA students.” Doroteo Mendoza – “Learning what fear is and what I have to do to overcome that so that I can go and help other people do the same thing. This is a tool that I can use to help my friends and family as well as myself.” Bruce Manuel IV – “I feel like I’ve gained my confidence. I hate public speaking but this time I was on the microphone talking to my senior friends. I was really nervous but I feel this was really helpful for me. If you’re willing to try something, it can instantly change your state of mind. Learning these tools will help me the rest of my life.” Robert Hasson – “Facing Dragons is basically finding your fears that you have and facing it so that you can overcome it and come out stronger on the other side. Generally, as a high schooler you’re typically reserved but this is about breaking those boundaries. If you go in there wanting to have a good time and expecting to be improved, then you will find something far better than if you decide to resist what’s going on.”

Coach Brodie - Face Your Dragons, Then Everything Changes

“Any fear you have is just energy. We are training the kids to turn that fear really quickly into available energy that they can use to channel for their purpose, vision, goals and dreams. When they come to a places in their lives where they feel stuck, depressed, lost or confused, they have a way out. They can have a life of passion, purpose, and create the life they want. Fear shows up in many ways as challenges, stresses, and tragedies. If they face that dragon, that fear, that is trying to help them grow, if they get curious and lean in and use the tools we are helping them learn here at this Facing Dragons event, then everything changes.”

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