4 Things to Do to Prepare for Back to School

It is time to prepare for back to school. The upcoming school year has just about arrived. However, it might seem like there are too many tasks to handle. What are those tasks again? Back-to-school shopping, planning meals, and adjusting to a different sleep routine. So, where should you begin? We’ve compiled a list of several tasks to consider before the start of the new school year. Even though some of these may not be necessary, they are still incredibly useful to make the transition process as smooth as possible — for you as a parent, but also for your kids.

The Top Ways to Prepare for Back to School

1. Get Started on Back-to-School Shopping

The earlier you get back-to-school shopping taken care of, the better. It can be tempting to wait until the last minute, but this generally isn’t a wise decision. When you get this task out of the way early, not only will you be able to avoid long check-out lines, but you’ll also give yourself some peace of mind. After all, it’s never fun to wait until the last second to shop for back to school, only to discover that it’s difficult to find a particular product that you’re in need of. Although this can seem like a chore, you can always make back-to-school shopping more entertaining (and efficient) by getting your kids involved in the process. Try setting spending limits on items, and then allow your children to select whatever they like the best. Your child might even have fun, and you’ll be able to take care of an important task.

2. Prepare for Back to School by Stocking Up on School Supplies

This is in a similar vein to the last point we made, although it is still a task of its own. While finding and purchasing all the necessary school supplies is one thing, sometimes, it can be beneficial to stock up on more than just the bare minimum. After all, most stationery items aren’t going to last forever. It’s also entirely possible for your child to misplace particular school supplies, leaving them in need of an urgent replacement. If you’ve stocked up on school supplies prior to the start of the school year, then you will always be good to go, should a mishap occur. Also, it’s a smart idea to keep any school supplies you purchase (whether it's pencils, erasers, notebooks, or something else entirely) organized and easy to find. This way, as soon as you are in need of an item, you’ll be able to quickly fetch it — without any digging. Link to TIA school supply list

3. Set Up a Homework Station for Your Child

Generally speaking, it isn’t a good idea for your child to do their homework in locations where they also complete other activities. This can make it more difficult for them to focus, and to truly get in the mindset of “if I’m here, then that means all I have to do is work on homework.” This is why it is beneficial to set up a designated “homework station” for your child. For instance, you could set up desk space in a quiet location of your home. Then, this area can be exclusively used by your child while working on homework or other school assignments. This area should provide minimal distractions for your child, allowing them to stay focused on their work.

4. Prepare for Early Mornings

As most parents are well aware, during summer vacation, your child’s sleep and wake-up schedule is going to look quite different from during the school year. Try not to wait until the last minute to help your child get back on track. This could lead to some groggy mornings at the start, but it’s a good idea to take care of this transition before the school year has kicked off. Plus, mornings are typically hectic, during the school year. Make sure you have a routine planned out, to make them easier for both you and your children. Consider preparing lunches the night prior, whenever possible.

Good luck with all your back-to-school preparations!

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Prepare for back to school

Welcome Back to School

Important Dates You Need to Know!

Zoom with your teacher - Monday, August 3rd 4:00 pm - Check your email for a link. First Day of School - Wednesday, August 5th (online) First Day of School in class - More info to follow

Frequently Asked Questions

Will TIA Offer Online School This Year? Yes, we will be using weekly homework packets, Khan Academy, and each teacher will have a Facebook group for discussion. In addition, TIA teachers will also be having in-person zoom classes. The teachers will offer zoom tutoring, in-person tutoring, and two-way communication folders so teachers and parents can communicate with each other.

Can TIA Provide Any Electronic Devices to do Online Classes?

TIA Broadway will have devices to borrow for the year. Please contact the school if you need help with this.

Important Dates:

Online School starts August 5, 2020, for ALL STUDENTS More info to follow when In-person Classes start 

For In-person Classes, What Precautions Will TIA Be Taking? 

We will have daily temperature checks, asking basic questions about each child’s general health, and looking for visual cues of illness, such as a cough, or other signs.

Will TIA Offer Tutoring? 

Yes! Each student will need to make an appointment first. This will be for one-on-one tutoring. As weather permits, tutoring will be held outside. During tutoring seasons, students may use TIA laptops and school wifi.

TIA is Offering 3 Different Options for School This Year

1) 100% online  2) 100% in person unless AZ government-mandated “stay at home order”  3) Combination of students in classes and students doing school online with a consistent schedule. For example, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm in person AND 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm are online.

Will Students Be Required to Wear Masks on Campus?

Yes. The directive of Tucson Mayor Regina, masks are required at this time. Parents will need to provide masks for students or TIA schools will some available for purchase when in stock.

Will TIA Have Before and After School Care?

Yes.  Hours for before and aftercare are 7:00 am - 8:00 am; 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm (5:30 pm at some schools). The fee is $125 per quarter. 

Will TIA Campuses be Serving Breakfast and Lunch?

Yes. We have the NSLP program. Meals are pre-boxed, grab-n-go style.  Students will eat them outside at the schools.

Are Uniforms Still Required at TIA Campuses? 

Yes! Uniforms must be worn when attending classes in person at any TIA campus and also while attending online in person ZOOM meetings. More information about TIA uniforms is in the student handbook guidelines.        

If Your Household Needs Affordable Home Internet

If you do NOT currently have COX and have kids from 5 to 17 in school, here is a special internet provider deal for you. It's free for the first 2 months starting July 21st and lasting until sometime in September. It is called connect2compete. Click this link for more info.  

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You Got This - Back to SchoolWelcome Back to School

To Do List for a New School Year!

Are you a list maker? There’s nothing quite like a list. It can help you organize your thoughts, break down overwhelming activities into easier, bite-sized tasks, and then there’s that wonderful sense of accomplishment as things get checked off! Here’s a to do list from the staff at Tucson International Academy to help you prepare for a new school year. Some things on this list are not items you’d expect, so read carefully!
  • Start getting ready for school now. This not only means getting your uniform, school supplies, and transportation lined up, but also get your brain ready! Start establishing a routine that is more in line with your school day. Also begin to transition from electronics to books. Electronics can be creativity killers! Get your synapses firing by ending the summer with one last terrific book!
  • Parents, be sure to keep up with medicine regulations. If your child requires an over the counter medicine, such as Tylenol, during the school day, be sure to provide a brand new bottle every year. Medicines must be in their original packaging.
  • Bring all your school supplies from the school supply list for your grade. TIA also operates a community closet of school supplies. So students are asked to double up on items and donate the extras to the community closet. The need is especially high for often used items such as tissues, pencils, folders.
  • Know what is being served for lunch! This is especially important for kids with food allergies. If something is being served that you cannot have, be sure to pack a lunch for that day.
  • Decide to keep up with your homework right from the start! That way you won’t lose recess or free time at school catching up on past assignments.
  • If you make a mistake or do something wrong, just own it. It will be discovered anyway so it’s best just just to tell someone and move on from there.
  • Be yourself! This reminder is especially true for those new to TIA. Our school is not not like other schools in Tucson. You do not need to come to school with your defences up, hiding behind a facade of who you think you should be. We want you; just as you are! You will find the more relaxed and natural you are, the easier it will be for you to make friends and succeed at TIA.

TIA is a great place for your child to start a new school year! Enroll online today!

To Do List for a New School Year!