Chinese Curriculum at TIA

Q & A with Teacher Xiuqing Sun

  Q - Where were you born? A - Beijing China Q - What school did you attend? A - China Communication University Q - What degree did you obtain there? A - Media Management Q - Tell us a little about your family. A - I am an only child. My dad passed away and mom still lives in China. I visit once a year. Q - Where have you traveled? A - I have traveled to Thailand (very beautiful), Japan, Korea, China and around the U.S. Q -  Do you have a favorite quote? A -  I cannot give a direct translation but it is something like this; “If I walk with two other people, I can learn from at least one of them.” It shows humility and the willingness to learn from different people, regardless of their age, background or beliefs. Q - How long have you been teaching? A - I’ve been teaching Chinese for about 8-9 years. In China I taught Chinese to foreigners for about two years. Everybody learns English in China, since kindergarten. Then I moved to the U.S. with my family. I’ve been teaching at TIA since 2012, when a friend introduced me to Mr. Wu, who hired me. Q - What is your favorite part about teaching Chinese? A - Teaching little kids about the Chinese culture and language. Q - What is the most challenging part of your job? A - To get students motivated to learn Chinese since China is far away. Q - Why is learning Chinese important? A - Chinese helps you develop a different part of the brain because it helps your visual side since it is pictures and not phonemic. For older students it also gives access to other parts of the world and exposure to new cultures. Q - What makes the Chinese curriculum at TIA a good program? A - TIA’s language program is more colorful and interesting than any other school. Not only do we teach the language, we focus on culture, dance, music, food, etc. Q - Is Chinese difficult to learn? A - No, it’s just like any other language. It has parts that are difficult and easy. It is just different. Q - Do you have any experiences at TIA that you would like to share? A - I was really impressed with a parent this past year. A student and her family are very involved within the program. The mother helped the student with dances and practiced poems during breaks and after school. She had the child practice with me over the phone during spring break. Q - What would you like to see different in the Chinese curriculum? A -  I would like parents and students to know more of China as a whole. There are a lot of misconceptions about China. Throughout the program, I like to introduce parents to different Chinese concepts. We visit the cultural center, Chinese websites, Chinese movies, videos, music videos, food, etc. We provide them with a full cultural immersion.

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Science for 6 Year Olds-Bet It’s Not What You’re Imagining!

Scientific discoveries are a driving force that propels mankind into a wondrous and fantastic future. Science has made an incredibly powerful impact on us all.

Just Compare Your Life in 1990 to Now

  • E-Mail – we wrote letters on paper.
  • Internet/Google – we used encyclopedias or went to the library.
  • Cell phones – we used land lines and no one asked “Where are you?” when they called.
  • Facebook/Twitter – we met people in person.
  • MP3 music/i-Pods – we bought cassette tapes.
  • Digital Cameras – we used film and didn’t see the pictures until they were developed.
  • Texting – we talked.
To instill the capability to imagine tomorrow’s seemingly impossible things, kids today need a solid science curriculum. Thank goodness for teachers like TIA’s Rebecca Diaz! Ms. Diaz, a veteran with the U.S. Navy as an electrician, now teaches kindergarten and 1st grade at TIA’s Broadway campus. She is providing wondrously rich science experiences for her primary grade students.

Project Astro

One of the ways Rebecca has provided her students with an exciting science curriculum is her affiliation with Project Astro. Project Astro provides training and curriculum ideas for teachers. It was also through this program that Rebecca met and started partnering with Steward Observatory astronomer,  Kathy Zelaya. Rebecca’s talent for teaching coupled with Kathy’s real life experience as a scientist, provide the students in Ms. Diaz’s classes an incredible science foundation. In fact, Kathy and Rebecca’s  collaboration, which started in 2009, was recently awarded the 2016 Partnership Award from Project Astro.

TIA Students Win 1st & 2nd in Science Fair

Ms. Zelaya comes to Ms Diaz’s classroom a few times a year to support and expand on the science curriculum for the students. She also comes to review the projects these budding scientists have put together for the annual regional science fair. Several students from Ms. Diaz’s class have won 1st or 2nd place in the science fair sponsored by Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Foundation held at U of A. One of these very young 1st place winners did a project involving electricity using a lime to generate enough “juice” to illuminate a light bulb! Another 1st grader did a project comparing water pollution levels. These are amazingly advanced projects for 5 and 6 year olds! It is in classrooms like Rebecca Diaz’s that tomorrow’s scientists are being taught the wonders and possibilities of science. The sky is not the limit for these little ones. One can only imagine the fantastic contributions they will make to this world.  

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Mrs Diaz's Science Award

Dr. Herrera Video – TIA Founder

If you want to know more about a school, what do you do? You might read their mission statement, talk to people who have children at the school or maybe even meet the teachers that work there. What if, however, you could go straight to the leader behind it all? For larger schools this may be impossible, but for a smaller school such as TIA, it isn't.

We interviewed the TIA founder and superintendent Dr. Jennifer Herrera for you.

Watch the video below to see what she had to say about why she created the four TIA campuses and also, look for her answers to some of these questions. What is her favorite hobby? What is Dr. Herrera's favorite color? What teacher had an impact on her life? If she could travel anywhere, where would she go? What does she teach now? Click here to watch video           John Quincy Adams once wrote "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader" and this leader is no exception.
Dr Herrera Video

Video Interview with Principal Meehan

A video interview from Principal Peter Meehan at East Campus.

Find the Answers to These Questions

Mr. Meehan, as a young student, wasn't good at all when it came to history, but he became an award winning history student.  Today, he's a TIA school principal with a degree in History. How did this happen? Mr Meehan's favorite two animals are giraffe's and penguins. Why does he like these two over all the other animals? Mr. Meehan loves to travel and has been to 48 of the 50 USA states. Which two hasn't he been to? Click here to watch this video and find out the answers to the questions above.
Mr Meehan video interview