After School Care and Clubs

After School Care and Clubs

Some of our TIA campuses offer after-school care and there are also clubs that meet after school. TIA Broadway offers after-school care until 5:00 pm on school days. TIA West has after-school care available until 5:30 pm on school days. Tucson International Academy also offers after-school clubs until 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Students – Here are some of the After School Clubs you can get involved in:

Bible Club, Youth Group, Computer Club, Movie Club, Sports Club, Chinese Club, Girl Scouts, Spanish Club, Cheerleading, Basketball, Business Club

Most clubs end at 4:00 pm. Please see the Front Office to find out what clubs your school site offers.

How about Student Council?

Have more of an impact on your school experience! Run for Student Council! It’s a great leadership experience and you have a chance to represent your class at meetings.

]Here are the positions available as an officer: President, Secretary, Vice-President, Treasurer

If you need more before and/or after-school care, we do have some Day Care facilities nearby. Please feel free to give them a call:
Near TIA: Tuty’s Day Care, Little Blessings Day Care, Kindercare
Near TIA Midvale: La Petite